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Was acquired, suspended update, no new products, even the manufacturers are not optimistic about the wisdom of the watch there is the future?

Recently, Motorola said they did not intend to launch a new MOTO 360. Even if the wisdom of the fake swiss watch to create a representative of one of the works in the smart watch market when the cold, Motorola had to choose to shelve new projects, it seems to give up the industry.

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"The company does not currently see a clear market demand, so there is no incentive to release a new smart watch every year," said Shakil Barkat, head of global product development at Motorola.
In fact, in the past year, Motorola smart watches are not favored by consumers. 2016 Q2 its market share is only 9%, far lower than Apple and Samsung. MOTO 360 and MOTO 360 SPORT in the market did not cause significant echo. Especially for the latter, because in the smart wrist watch, Fitbit and Garmin more professional, so consumers for rolex replica the Motorola MOTO 360 SPORT this mixed.
Embarrassing is not just this one of Motorola, the days of other smart watches are not how smooth life.
Market research firm IDC released in October this year, the report shows that the third quarter of 2016 global smart watch shipments of only 2.7 million, shipments fell 51.6% over the same period last year.

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Consumers for the wisdom of the watch more and more attention, and fashionable fashion products has become cumbersome. In function, the smart watch in many ways and the wisdom of mobile phone repeat, and did not bring valuable features; also have the user to reflect, need to continue to charge for the smart watch, not very convenient.
CNET reported in the report that the entire wearable market is rapidly shrinking. The wisdom of the watch manufacturers, but also experienced a small adjustment.
Just yesterday, there are foreign media reports, the originator of the smart watch industry Pebble will be listed on the wisdom of large enterprises Fitbit acquisition. Pebble at the beginning of rolex replica the year to lay off a quarter, the acquisition of its valuation is not high, the purchase price of only 34 million US dollars to 40 million US dollars between.

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The acquisition of Pebble's Fitbit, which last year's success, appears to be very powerful, but a few months later the company's share price plummeted even below the $ 20 issue price. At present (replica watch sale) its share price has fallen to the poor about $ 8. Foreign media also pointed out that it can not determine whether Fitbit through the acquisition of Pebble, to achieve the company's performance and stock price revitalization.

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It's also embarrassing to provide Android for Android for smart replica watches uk. This year, Huawei, LG and Lenovo's Motorola have said this year will not introduce new smart watches, and even rumors that Huawei may completely abandon the Android Wear product line. Google has to postpone the release of the Android Wear 2.0 smart watch system, the official release date from "this fall" to "early 2017".
However, in the wisdom of the watch market is bleak, there are two companies still proud of. Apple launched Apple Watch Series 2 in the fall, and Samsung's Gear S3 will be available later this year.
The two companies in the global market share of smart watches occupy a large proportion. Which Apple is 47%, Samsung accounted for 16%.

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